In 2021, the KOY Temple celebrates the Nine Emperor Gods. Since the epidemic situation is still serious, the Management Committee of the KOY Temple hereby recommends that devotees try not to bring children and the elderly to the temple to pay homage. Devotees can notify Facebook or Youtube at home to watch ceremony and the live webcast of the getai. 丽星网络直播台 LEX-S Watch Live Channel Youtube:

Devotees can also register online to register the blessing boats and light auspicious lanterns. Registration for dragon boats, $10 each Auspicious Ruyi Lamp $50/year. For more information WhatsApp

Things to note when visiting this palace:
i) The following certificates must be presented to enter the temple; at least two doses of vaccination have been completed and must have been completed for 14 days or a pre-activity test (ART or PCR test) report must be issued by approved from the Ministry of Health, and the test results will only be available within 24 days Valid within hours. Out of date and invalid. Those who do not meet the above criteria will be refused entry to the temple to worship.

ii) Due to the latest safety management measures [crowd control] issued by the government for the celebrations of the temple, the temple will not allow pilgrims to enter the temple to worship from 9.15pm on October 5 until the completion of the enthronement ceremony of the Nine Emperor Gods. Pilgrims who enter the palace before 9.15pm must leave before 9.40pm. KOY Temple is expected to reopen to the public at 11pm.

iii) Devotees are asked to keep a safe distance of 1 meter inside the temple, please wear masks and reduce interactions throughout the process. Please leave immediately after completing your visit. Thank you all for your cooperation and cooperation in fighting the epidemic together. Everyone has a responsibility.

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