Sending-off Ritual

On the night of the ninth day of the ninth month of the lunar calendar, Doumu Palace holds a ceremony to send off the gods, both to welcome the gods and to send off the gods. A ceremony to send the gods off is held on the night of the ninth day of the ninth lunar month. Sending the gods off is also called “Sheng Jia Hui Luan”, which means sending the Nine Emperors back to the sea, but some people say it means sending the gods back to Xuantian Palace. No matter where he goes back, the Nine Emperor Gods’ incense burner must be delivered from the river. Some people also say that the ceremony of sending off the gods was to escort Prince Zheng Chenggong on his long journey to revolt, and it is still related to Hongmen.

At three o’clock in the afternoon that day, some people went to the river to set up a ritual altar, place an incense burner, and worship the five lands. At the same time, in Doumu Palace, the Taoist priest opened the eyes of the dragon boat (dotting the dragon’s eyes with a red pen) and opened the eyes of Guanyin Master on the dragon boat. At eight o’clock in the evening, send the dragon boat to the river first. At ten o’clock in the evening, the procession set off from Doumu Palace, followed by floats, dragons and lions, and a tall statue of the general of the fifth battalion walking in the procession.

The Taoist priest dotted the eyes of Guanyin on the dragon boat.

Send the dragon boat to the river.

Throughout the celebration of the Nine Emperor Gods’ Birthday, the Hokkien word “fa la” is the most commonly heard word and the most echoing word. Because of the “fa la” and “fa la” one after another, the temple celebration turned into a carnival. Of course the heart must be sincere and the behavior must be respectful, but when everyone cheers and prays together, the excitement is palpable and the joy cannot be concealed. I guess gods can understand and tolerate the various emotions of mortals. The farewell ceremony attracted a large number of ordinary pilgrims. Some followed all the way from Doumu Palace, some joined in the middle, and some were walking by the river and accidentally witnessed this grand event, so they couldn’t help but become a member of the incense-holding believers.

Cars under fireworks, the procession followed the Taoist priests.

Taoist priests held rituals to send off gods, and believers held incense and knelt on the lawn by the river.

Burn the prose.

The Nine Emperor Incense Burner was sent to the river.

The Dharma boat was put into the river and burned, gradually moving away and gradually burning up. The believers held up incense and candles on the bank and bowed in worship, shouting “Fa La” in their mouths.
The Dharma boat sent away the Nine Emperor Gods, but left the hope of happiness and health in the hearts of believers.

The committee members took the Nine Emperors Incense Burner back to the sea in a small wooden boat.

Thousands of followers of Nine Emperor Gods.