Nine Emperor Gods Procession

During the Nine Emperor Gods Festival, temples that worship the Nine Emperor Gods visit one another to strengthen the religious network based on the Nine Emperor Gods worship, known as “Inspection Tour” (出巡). Each temple would pick a date to conduct an inspection tour, when a procession consisting of the Gods, floats, dragon and lion dance troupes, big-headed doll performers, marching band, spirit mediums, etc., leaves the temple to visit other temples as a means to renew the friendly ties between the temples.

The procession would leave the temple at about 12:00 noon and would only return to the temple around midnight after visiting 12 temples. At each temple, the committee members would pray to the temple’s deities, and then exchange incense, a fruit basket, and a command flag printed with Kew Ong Yah Temple’s name with the temple’s representative. As the inspection tour progresses into the evening, the procession is also joined by floats, big-headed doll performers, dragon and lion dance troupes, and the Eight General troupes, who take turns to perform at each temple. Finally, the Nine Emperor Gods Procession would proceed back to the Kew Ong Yah Temple at around 12 midnight. There are still many devotees at the temple waiting for the procession carriage to return.

The tour starts from noon and devotees at head of the procession holding holy water, flags, banners, lamps, and bronze gong.

The procession visited other temples.

Floats with colorful lights in the tour.

Din Tao:Leader of the Parade

Pat Ka Tsiong.